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Staff recruitment

Staff recruitment – is a meaningful business process that is part of the responsibility of HR managers or recruits of the organization. But if you do not need such specialists in the staff and the service is required only for a certain time, it is reasonable and economical refer to our outsourcing company GEO-Service. .

We efficiently and at a predetermined time we will solve the task of recruiting the workers that your company needs. Our staff has real professionals who specialize in personnel affairs and are well versed in people.

We are known not only as a recruiting agency, but also due to a responsible approach to the solution of the tasks set, have also approved ourselves in this field. We have implemented significant projects to recruit staff for various Ukrainian companies, including international companies.

5 effective methods GEO-Service

Staff recruitment is conducted using modern technologies at all stages of staff selection;

We use proprietary developments in combination with advanced search tools;

Combining, you can order the service of HR records management;

At the disposal of our specialists is a unique applicants database, independent of standard automatic search systems;

Staff recruitment is conducted taking into account your business specifics;

5 advantages for business

Without leaving your office, you can easily and quickly control the process of staff recruitment;

You get really individual approach to work;

Ordering important services for business dealing in one company, you save your resources;

You get a list of potential employees whose CVs are unlikely to be found in a usual recruiting agency;

You choose Super Professionals, not ordinary employees from the list;

More = cheaper. The more staff employees - the lower the price per unit.

Ведение кадрового делопроизводства

We find qualified, tested and experienced workers;

You save your time on an independent search for worthy candidates;

We sign a formal cooperation agreement;

We successfully find even those specialists who usually do not look for work: managers, top managers, etc. .;

1As against the standard staffing company, you can also book accounting and HR services for your company.
Why is responsible staff recruitment important for the company?

Qualitative recruitment services help:

  • Increase profits;
  • Increase productivity;
  • Get more loyalty from staff.

At the same time, incorrect choice directly affects staff turnover and leads to insufficient employees’ competence. Therefore, if you are looking for staffing company for staff recruitment, trust only real professionals - such as our company GEO-Service.

We offer direct search and selection of candidates at a high professional level. Order a massive staff recruitment or search for unique professionals for successful business!