• Sole proprietorship liquidation


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Sole proprietorship liquidation

In recent years, the process of business registration for sole proprietorship in Ukraine has become much simpler. What about the liquidation of private business? This process has its own complexities and nuances. It was always easier to open a business than to close it. This process has the stages and on every stage there can be difficulties with documents registration.

Have you decided to close the sole proprietorship, but do not want to stand long queues in government services?

Need to quickly and competently draw up documents without delay?

Make use of services of our lawyers from GEO-Service. We will help you prepare and submit your documents as soon as possible!

The service to close the sole proprietorship has become very relevant recently, as from January 1, 2017, the decree came into force, according to which even entrepreneurs who do not conduct business should pay Unified Social Tax(UST). It turns out, as faster you can sole proprietorship liquidate, as better.

the moment, briefly closing the sole proprietorship can be described as follows:

  • Submitting an application for activity’s termination to the local self-government body;
  • Obtaining status "in the process of termination";
  • Filing an application to the State Fiscal Service (SFS) on the removal of the single tax from the register of taxpayers (if necessary);
  • The presentation of documents with their inventory for inspection in the State Fiscal Service (SFS) audit department;
  • Removal of the sole proprietorship from the account in the State Fiscal Service (SFS).

We provide services for sole proprietorship liquidation “ready-made”, which means that you can entrust us with the necessary documents and representation of your interests in government services. The presence of the client is only necessary when signing a power of attorney from a notary. The remaining steps of the process we take on ourselves.

The cost of sole proprietorship liquidation “ready-made” in the company "GEO Service"

The services cost of sole proprietorship liquidation can be found in the price list on the pages of our website. The price includes a standard package of services for entrepreneurs, including all payments and fees. The power of attorney at the notary to close the sole proprietorship is paid separately.

You will need to provide a passport, TIN (Taxpayer identification number), their copies, as well as some other documents (income book, bank statements, reports, etc.). You can find out the exact list from our lawyer.

Call (067) 584-16-24 or write online! We will answer all the questions in detail and help resolve any difficulties associated with sole proprietorship liquidation.