• Residence permit in Ukraine


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Residence permit in Ukraine

The temporary residence permit in Ukraine gives the owner the legal right to reside in our country for 1 year. When the period ends, the document must be renewed.

As against, a permanent residence permit in Ukraine allows a foreigner or stateless person to enter our country at any time and stay there indefinitely. In addition, this permit exempts a person from the need to pay every year for health insurance and to extend a temporary residence permit.

It is much easier to obtain a residence permit in government authorities if you decide to apply for services to an experienced lawyer. Our specialists are ready to help in solving this difficult task and consult in detail on all issues.

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Who can execute a residence permit?

Usually a temporary residence permit is made in order to be able to officially work, go to school or reunite with the family, when one of the spouses has a legitimate reason for permanent residence in Ukraine.

In addition, the document is issued to foreigners who are involved in various technical projects and special programs of international importance, and also take part in the activities of non-governmental foreign organizations. The immigration lawyer of our company will tell you more about how and on what basis you can issue a residence permit for yourself or your family members.

Who can execute a permanent residence?

The circumstances that give the right to receive such a document are different. For example, it is permissible on the basis of close relationship or marriage for more than two years with a citizen of Ukraine. In addition, this document is given to those who have close family members which already have permanent residence. It is also quite possible for those who have made investments in the Ukrainian economy in the required volume, have been living in it for more than 3 years as a refugee, and are of interest to our country as figures in various fields and in some other cases. On what grounds it is permissible to make a residence permit in your case, you can check with our immigration lawyer

A person who owns such document in our state can freely get a job, as he does not need to make a separate permit. This greatly reduces the time and money costs for those who wish to permanently live and work in Ukraine.

Thus, a permanent residence permit gives its owner virtually all the rights of citizens of Ukraine, and the person does not lose the citizenship of his homeland. He can return when he wants, and do not need to restore his previous citizenship.

How to make a residence permit in Ukraine

Obtaining a residence permit is a long and laborious task. It is difficult to collect and correctly prepare documents. Not all points are clear when discussing with the registers' immigration. And the incorrect execution of the necessary papers only postpones the receipt of such a coveted document for an indefinite period.

In general, during this process, two documents are issued:

  1. Immigration permit;
  2. Directly permanent residence permit.

And for the first document the collection of papers and obtaining a decision can be entrusted to the representative, having issued a power of attorney. But for the second document, a foreigner must be in Ukraine.

Generally, the registration of a residence permit is not to be without the services of experienced lawyers. Their help greatly simplifies the task, allows you to clarify all the incomprehensible nuances and relieves of unnecessary waste of nerves and time. In this case, we advise you to refer to our company GEO-Service, where immigration lawyers will help you to prepare the required documents in a short time so that you can get a temporary / permanent residence permit.

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