• Registration of sole proprietorship


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Registration of sole proprietorship

Have you decided to start a business? Lawyers of the company GEO-Service offer a registration service for sole proprietorship throughout the Kiev region, as well as in other regions of Ukraine. We help to set up the sole proprietorship and take on a full cycle of related actions, starting with the consultation on acquiring the status of a private entrepreneur and ending with the accounting support of an open company.

Why should you refer for help to us?

The most convenient solution for starting a small business in Ukraine is the registration of sole proprietorship. The registration process in this case is much faster and easier than creating a legal entity. In addition, maintaining business in this form is convenient from a legal, tax and accounting point of view.

However, the registration of sole proprietorship requires adequate knowledge in the legal field. This process can take a lot of time from the beginner. It is worthwhile to prepare at least one document wrong, and the process is delayed, taking away the nerves and money. Without an experienced assistant in such a case it will be difficult.

But, referring to us, you can be assured that registration of the private entrepreneur will pass in the shortest term and with the minimum troubles.

Employees of our company GEO-Service will help you quickly and legally competently draw up the necessary papers for registration of sole proprietorship.

We offer the following suite of services for registration of sole proprietorship:

  • Consultation and specialist’s assistance in choosing the right group and activities codes (CEA-Classifier of economic activity);
  • Consultation on tax questions and niceties of maintaining the sole proprietorship;
  • Assistance in preparing the necessary documents;
  • Registration in the USREOU (United State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine);
  • Registration as a payer of VAT, an unified social tax and a single tax;
  • Control of correctly registration in revenue bodies;
  • Making the stamp (if it necessary).

In addition, you can order further the company’s accounting, tax optimization and legal services.

How we are working and how much does it cost to set up sole proprietorship in Kiev with GEO-Service?

By referring to us, you will be able to register the sole proprietorship within 3 days and by a reasonable cost. Prices for services are presented on our website’s pages.


  1. You call us by the phone or write online
  2. We schedule a meeting and hold consultations how to set up sole proprietorship.
  3. Our specialists go with you to the notary and draw up a procuratory for registration procedures.
  4. We help to prepare the necessary papers and register the entrepreneur in the relevant government institutions.
  5. You receive ready-made documents and a stamp (if it necessary).

You only need a minimum document package: a copy of your passport and TIN (Taxpayer identification number).

Call us (067) 584-16-24 or write online! Our experts will contact you shortly.