• Re-registration sole proprietorship


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Re-registration sole proprietorship

When doing business, sometimes you need to change some of the registration data. In this case, you will need to re-register sole proprietorship. Such situations arise due to different circumstances:

  • Change of entrepreneur's name;
  • Moving to a new place of residence;
  • Changes in the list of activities of CEA (Classifier of economic activity).

In any case, it is necessary to make appropriate changes to the USREOU (United State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine). The issue of preparing the necessary documents is not easy and takes time. It turns out, if you are doing re-registration yourself, and then do it to the detriment of your business, as you have to make out documentation and go to different instances. But why do you waste time? It is much more profitable to refer to specialists and get the necessary documents quickly and without delay.

Lawyers of our company GEO-Service will gladly help in the re-registration of the sole proprietorship. We will consult on all interesting issues, prepare the necessary documents and provide legal assistance in the shortest possible time.

Professional re-registration of the sole proprietorship - our guarantees and necessary documents

Re-registration of the sole proprietorship “ready-made” is carried out by a notarized power of attorney. As a result, you get:

  • Extract from the single tax payer register or the VAT payer register
  • Extract from USREOU (United State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine)

The employees of our company GEO-Service are qualified lawyers working in this field for many years. Referring to us, you trust re-registration not just a competent specialist, but a professional specifically in this field. This guarantees the most efficient execution of the process without the return of documents for re-registration and other complexities. We have a rich, successful experience in dealing with such issues.

Depending on what information you have changed, the re-registration of the sole proprietorship may require different documents:

  • Copy of the entrepreneur's passport and TIN (Taxpayer identification number);
  • A copy of the certificate of official registration or discharge;
  • Extract of the single tax payer;
  • New CEA (Classifier of economic activity). (if necessary, we will help with their choice).

Approximate cost of the service you can see on our website in the section "Prices". Call us or write online! We work throughout the Kiev region, as well as in other regions of Ukraine.

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