Products List of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (CMU) from 16.03.2017 №231

The list of groups of technically complicated household goods subject to warranty repair (servicing) or warranty replacement, for the purpose of using registers of settlement transactions.

(According to the decree of CMU from 16.03.2017 №231)

Product group names Code according to Ukrainian Classifier of Goods for Foreign Economic Activity (UCGFEA)
Group 73 "Products made of ferrous metals"  
Heating stoves, cooking plates, oven grills, cooking pans (Including stoves, which can be used with boilers for central heating), braziers, roasters, stoves for burners, food converters and similar non-electric household appliances and using of their parts made of ferrous metals 7321
Ovens 7321111000
Kitchen plates (except tabletops) 7321111000
Barbecue (electric) 7321119000
Cooking surfaces 7321119000
Grills (electric and gas) 7321119000
Tabletops and ovens 7321119000
Group 84 "Nuclear reactors, boilers, machines, equipment and mechanical devices; Their parts »  
Boilers for central heating, except for boilers of heading 8402 8403
Heating boilers and headstocks 8403109020
Heating boilers and headstocks 8413
Drowned pumps 8413702100
Circulating pumps 8413703000
Air or vacuum pumps, air or other gas compressors and fans; Ventilating or recirculating exhaust hoods or gas ventilation hood, with or without a filter 8414
Coolers and cooling systems (electric) 8414592098
Hoods 8414600000
Compressors 8414805100
Air handling units 8414808000

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