Состав бухотчетности для малых предприятий

The composition of book-keeping reports for small companies

Book-keeping reports include a set of indicators by which you can determine the current state of affairs in the company. In this case, all objects in this documentation are divided by type and purpose.

The main elements that allow us to judge the financial state of the company are its assets, liabilities and obligations. The information is submitted in an accessible form, suitable for management decision making by management. Required forms of accounting should be issued by an accountant for the sole proprietorship or the entrepreneur himself.

Small companies independently decide which form of reporting to choose:

  • Traditional;
  • Simplified.

The difference between them lies in the fact that traditional forms provide more detailed information on the necessary indicators.

What does the reporting of a small company include?

Interim and annual accounting reports are different. For the month and / or quarter is filled:

  1. Balance sheet;
  2. Profits and Losses Report.

The annual accounts contain the following documentation:

  • balance sheet;
  • Explanations to the balance sheet;
  • Profits and Losses Report;
  • Explanations to the income statement.

Small companies decide themselves what to write in the explanations to the bookkeeping. In most cases, they provide the most significant information, without knowledge of which it is impossible to completely assess the company’s economic activities. In addition, data on transactions not reflected in the accounting records may be submitted.

When receiving appropriations from the state budget, small companies should, among other documents, provide a report on the application of funds and their balances certificate.

Preparation of annual accounting reporting is a serious and responsible task, therefore sole proprietorship is desirable to apply for the services of documentation independent verification for reliability, as well as to conclude a contract for filling out the accounting reporting. To do this, it is not necessary to hire a full-time accountant, it is enough to apply for services to an experienced audit company.