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How to restore accounting

Correct organization of business is the main concern of its owner. Contacts with business partners, creditors and government supervisors are often based on a clear management and timely provision of relevant reporting. Loss of important documents, non-observance of deadlines or submission of inaccurate data in the reporting can lead to serious difficulties in the company's work - from imposing penalties on the company to the criminal liability of managers.

On the territory of Ukraine, such a procedure as the accounting restoration is available for companies of any form of ownership - from PE (private entrepreneur) to LLC (Limited Liability Corporation), PTC (Public-Traded Company) and others. The provision of this service is under the responsibility of specialized organizations that have trained staff to solve similar problems.

When does it become necessary to restore the account?

There are a number of factors that directly affect the need to contact a specialized company to restore the account. Among them are the following:

  • Loss of documents for various reasons, from computer network failure and theft to man-made disasters and natural disasters;
  • A new company in which accounting is not timely established;
  • Deformation of the management system inside the company, associated with the change of the owner, director or accountant;
  • Checking by fiscal authorities, which revealed violations
  • Just a careless accounting.

How is the accounting recovery carried out?

Specialized companies that provide services to audit the accounting situation in the company, and also help in the accounting restoration, use the following algorithm in their work:

  • Registration of contractual relations with the client;
  • Collection and analysis of "primary" – supporting documentation;
  • An inventory can be made, including a study of material stocks, the availability of funds, and so on;
  • The formation of primary documents, the recording of information on the financial balance, the compilation of accounting registers;
  • With the use of technical means, the damaged databases are restored, the necessary information is extracted from the media;
  • Development and drawing up of the accounting documentation and its submission to the controlling bodies, or other correspondents.

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