С чего начать восстановление бухгалтерского учета

With what to begin the restoration of accounting, advice

Accounting restoration is the process of replicating accounting registers, as well as reporting the company for past periods. The main purpose is to put in order the documentation of the firm in accordance with legislative acts.

Businessmen refer to accountants to restore reports in different cases:

  • Major blunders in accounting;
  • Primary documents were lost;
  • Primary documents were lost;
  • The database is lost on the used software, etc.

Accounting restoration is partial, if there are any specific shortcomings and blunders in the registers, or complete, when a thorough review of all documentation is necessary. In any case, this process is divided into several stages:

  1. The head of the company provides specialists with all available primary documents, accounts for previous periods, 1C bases, bank statements;
  2. The accountant checks all documents and information from existing databases;
  3. The problems in the current bookkeeping are identified and a plan for its restoration is drawn up;
  4. Fix all the shortcomings and blunders;
  5. Optimization methods are developed and recommendations are given for proper accounting management for subsequent periods.

How much will it cost to restore the accounting, depends on the degree of cases neglect, as well as the availability of necessary documents. At the first stages of the work the specialist only analyzes the "scale of the problem", focusing on this information, he calculates the cost of his services and negotiates all the terms of cooperation with the customer. And for this you need to find all the documentation that you can gather. As more problems in the reports, as more expensive the company’s management will manage the correction of mistakes.