• Payroll preparation


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Payroll preparation

The correct payroll preparation is a laborious, costly and responsible process. It requires appropriate skills and high qualification from the staff (accountants), purchase and usage of mandatory and expensive software and thorough knowledge of the national regulations and current legislation.

Payroll preparation outsourcing is a modern and least expensive way of organizing accounting at the company.

Geo-Service uses the latest technologies and software. Our staff consists only of experienced highly qualified specialists. The modern approach, professionalism and fair QPR (Quality-Price Ratio) of services are our main competitive advantage.

Coming to a decision to become our partner, you:

  • Save money of job creation for accountant;
  • Minimize the labor costs for staff accountants;
  • Reduce the cost of purchase expensive special accounting programs, training of accounting staff;
  • Relieve the chief accountant of time-consuming responsibilities;
  • The calculation is carried out timely and professional manner, taking into account all the national regulations, which is guaranteed to exclude fines;
  • An unbiased approach to work guarantees the confidentiality of data and the absence of any conflicts in the team due to questions of incorrect / unfair payroll preparation;
  • Careful control of the calculation of various awards and bonuses in order to avoid contrivance and fraud;
  • Preparation and timely submission of reports to controlling entities;
  • Timely formation of the necessary management accounting.
Payroll preparation outsourcing helps to focus full-time specialists on their immediate duties - important areas of the company's development. As a result, the efficiency of the business as a whole increases.

The package of payroll service from Geo-Service includes:

  • Preparation and completion of documentation for the payroll preparation and taxes on staff salaries;
  • Accurate and timely payroll preparation for each employee of the company with all accruals and deductions;
  • The extraction of earnings records, payroll sheets and other primary documents related to the labor expense of staff;
  • Charging all kinds of contributions, sick pay, vacation pay, deductions from staff salaries;
  • Calculation of all necessary taxes and social due fee;
  • Preparation, monitoring and timely submission of reports to relevant authorities;
  • Personal presence and assistance under the inspections by the tax inspection and other controlling entities;
  • Other important processes.
By the payroll preparation outsourcing of staff salaries, you can save up to 18% of the company's profit every month!
Начисление заработной платы
The accrual of salaries process

You send a request for a payroll service

We calculate its cost, depending on the company's staff size

A contract is being concluded, where the responsibilities of the parties are clearly defined

We select a specialist who will lead you on an ongoing basis

All processes are clearly documented. Documents are stored in our office

You can send the necessary documents by courier, mail or in electronic format

The accountant remotely calculates salary, sick pay and other charges; renders all necessary reports

We ensure the timeliness and accuracy of the accrual and payroll payment