• Organizations’ book-keeping


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Organizations’ book-keeping

If you have your own business, then you probably know how much time and effort you have to spend to competently handle the documents filling and the drawing up of the accounts. Hiring an accountant for work, you delegate him a responsible case of accounting records maintenance. It is important to entrust such a significant task to a professional - only then you will avoid possible problems.

Our company "Geo-Service" offers qualitative book-keeping: firms, organizations, companies, LLC (limited liability company). We are a team of specialists who are ready to take on all the tasks of drawing up documents in accordance with the law requirements. Regardless of which question you refer to our company, we will help you find the right solution.

Having entrusted the book-keeping to "Geo-Service", you will be able to lower costs by more than 20% in a month!

The solution of such problems is relevant for all companies engaged in the production and goods sale or the services provision.

Staff accountant or Geo-Service? Make the right choice!

In recent years, the majority of entrepreneurs have applied for business book-keeping to outsourcing companies. Why is it profitable? It's simple - this solution has a number of advantages compared to hiring a full-time accountant:

  • COMPETENCE – оan ordinary staff accountant cannot have the experience of 10 specialists at once, but if you refer to us, a whole team of professionals collaborates with you;
  • GUARANTEES – our professional liability is insured for a large sum, you can be calm if you order the business book-keeping with us - we do not allow mistakes in work;
  • REASONABLE EXPENSES – with all customers we conclude a formal contract with a fixed cost, without hidden fees. You pay not for employees, but the actual amount of work done;
  • CONSISTENCY – our specialists can replace each other in case of vacation, illness and other circumstances, so that business book-keeping does not stop.
Бухгалтерское сопровождение
“Experienced accountants are confident in every own decision”.
Services of accounting book-keeping include

Accounting record-keeping and tax management

Work with the supporting documents

Payroll preparation, sick pay, vacation pay and other payments to employees

Calculation of tax preparation

Drawing up of the accounts and other

In addition, it should be borne in mind that the accounting book-keeping, LLCs and companies on the basis of outsourcing will cost significantly more economically than the placement of a full-time accountant in the office, the costs of its preparation and competence maintenance.

Call us and we will gladly answer any questions! The cost of business book-keeping in each case is determined individually. It depends on the amount of work performed, the state of the supporting documents and other factors. Please refer to us and we will calculate the exact amount