• Non-conviction certificate


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Non-conviction certificate

Non-conviction certificate is issued on request by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on a special form. Its receipt is possible regardless where the person lives or registries. In this case, two types of certificates are divided: with a special seal "For documents" ("For statement") and stamped. The latter option is most often issued for departments abroad. In some foreign bodies this certificate is also required to be legalized, and each country has its own requirements for legalization, so this moment should be specified in advance.

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Objectives of issuing a non-conviction certificate

Non-conviction certificate may be required both for citizens of Ukraine and for foreigners. It is done in a variety of cases:

  • • Employment or entrance to a university abroad; ;
  • Employment in some departments on the territory of Ukraine;
  • Registration of a visa / passport;
  • Participation in tenders;
  • Obtaining permanent residence card in Ukraine;
  • Registration of a residence permit in another country;
  • Registration of adoption / guardianship;
  • Obtaining citizenship;
  • Obtaining a loan;
  • Restoration of a lost passport;
  • Obtaining a foreigners’ work permit;
  • Registration / reissuance of other official documents.

It is necessary to consider the validity period of such a certificate. For example, in Ukraine it is valid only for 30 days, and a certificate that is provided abroad has a validity period not longer than 90 days.

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