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Choosing the types of activity of the firm by the CEA (Classifier of economic activity), it is necessary to check with the current list of works and services subject to licensing in Ukraine. If your field is specified in it, you cannot start your business without permits.

A wide range of activities are subject to licensing:

  • Sale / manufacture of medicines;
  • medical services;
  • Sale of spirit, alcohol, tobacco;
  • security;
  • Banking and others.

Obtaining a license for alcohol, tobacco, pharmacy business and other activities is a rather laborious and complex task. Since 2015, the works and services list subject to licensing has been significantly reduced. But the state control over the commercial sphere has not weakened from this. For the documents preparation a person without adequate knowledge and experience takes a lot of time. Therefore, if you need, for example, a wholesale license for alcohol in Ukraine and you want to start your business as quickly as possible, we recommend referring to professional lawyers.

Our company GEO-Service offers qualified assistance to individuals and legal entities in obtaining official licenses for wholesale and retail trade in alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and pharmacy business.

We provide “ready-made” services, which mean that you can issue a power of attorney to our specialists, and we take care of all other tasks related to document processing. As a result, you will receive the necessary papers that allow you to conduct the economic activity that you are interested in.

Professional assistance and affordable cost of alcohol and tobacco licenses in GEO-Service

The licensing process in Ukraine is rather complicated. If you need the necessary license for tobacco products, alcoholic beverages and some other goods, you will have to collect expert opinions, prepare a lot of documents, certify workers, etc. This will take a lot of time and effort. Any error leads to financial losses and delays.

The fastest and the most effective way, if you need the right license for alcohol or tobacco products, is to entrust the work to our lawyers with many years of experience in obtaining such documents. Estimated cost of services of GEO-Service specialists can be viewed on our website.

The standard price for legal assistance in this matter includes:

  • Specialist consultation;
  • Collection and registration of necessary papers;
  • Submission and execution of documents;
  • Representation of the client's interests in the relevant services

Responsible approach and long-term experience of our lawyers in Kiev region and other regions of Ukraine is a quality’s guarantee of our work! If you are referring to us, consider that you already have a license for wholesale of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or pharmacy business for the taking. We help to make the necessary documents in the shortest time and at an affordable price

Call us (067) 584-16-24 to us or write online! Our specialists will agree to a consultation with you in the near future.