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Immigration permission to Ukraine | Geo-Servis

Immigration to Ukraine is a rather laborious process, which is divided into two key stages. The first of these is obtaining an immigration permit. The second stage is the registration of a permanent residence card

Immigration permission is issued within the limits set by the Cabinet of Ministers. First of all, it is given to individuals of special categories:

  • Specialists in various fields and cultural / scientific figures which interested to our country;
  • If there are close relatives who have Ukrainian citizenship;
  • With the presence of parents, spouse with permanent residence, etc.
  • Participation in tenders;

It is also worth noting that there are no quotas for some people. Detailed information about grounds that you have the opportunity to make such a document will be told by a lawyer of our company.

Take into account that property’s ownership in Ukraine is not considered a basis for obtaining a permit. In this case, you need to look for other factors.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has also approved a list of diseases granting of which a person will be refused permission to immigrate.

Make use of the services of our specialists from GEO-Service. We will help you get immigration permission to Ukraine in the shortest possible time!

How is an immigration permit issued?

For immigration permission, you can apply with the required documents to the Ukrainian embassy / consulate in your country or to the migration service department located at your place of residence in Ukraine. It should be noted that the second option takes much less time. In addition, then you can refer to the services of “GEO-Service” lawyers. The specialist will help to collect a package of documents, clarify all incomprehensible moments and even file an application for permission, for this you need only to notarize a power of attorney for him.

Specific documents that support the grounds for issuing an immigration permit are different. During the consultation, our lawyer will tell you about documents that will be collected and prepared in your case.

We will help you make an immigration permit in a short time and without waste of time in long queues. After that, you will be left with a permanent residence permit card, which our specialists also help to do.

Call (067) 584-16-24 or write online!We will answer all your questions in detail and help you get immigration permission to Ukraine..