HR Outsourcing

Under the legislation of Ukraine, the maintenance of HR records management is mandatory for companies of all ownership forms.
Regardless of the size of the staff and the organization's business line HR records management should be conducted according to the rules established by Code of Laws on Labor, labor laws and regulations concerned to personnel accounting.

Keeping HR records managementat the company is a very responsible and time-consuming process. It contains many small, but important nuances, depends on many factors. Controlling entities of Ukraine can perform inspections of the activities of firms concerning the correctness of personnel records.

To avoid administrative and material liability for the slightest miscalculations and violations of the Code of Laws on Labor, it is better to use the services of our experienced professional HR staff members.


Professional complex approach of specialists Geo-Service will ensure the protection of your business from errors and financial losses.


Order a full range of business services:

legal services;
accounting services;
HR records management services.

The complex also includes PAYROLL PREPARATION!

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Ведение кадрового делопроизводства
Signing a HR outsourcing contract with us, you get:


Save finance and time

Representation of your interests in the controlling entities

Guaranteed compliance of HR recordkeeping with all norms of laws

HR records management outsourcing

HR records management outsourcing from Geo-Service includes:
Preparation and legalization of documentation

Registration of work record books

Drafting and maintenance of personal cards and cases of employees

Signing of civil contracts with staff

Sick-leave certificate (information on personnel)

Providing employment confirmation letter of HR registration

HR records management from scratch

Development and implementation of personnel policy

The development of basic documents is regulated by the Commercial Code, the Constitution of Ukraine, the Holidays Act (instructions, schedule of positions and salaries, vacation schedule, timesheet)

Determination of the company organizational structure

Recovery of HR recordkeeping

Conducting records management on permanent basis

Hiring and firing of employees

Modification of working conditions

Extract and settlement of traveling allowance

Bonus and penalties charge for staff

Maintenance of various journals, accounting books

Other mandatory staffing processes

Control and prevention of errors in the HR records management and the implementation of labor laws

Compliance with the workplaces quota for people with disabilities

Timeliness of filing a notification to the SFS (State Fiscal Service) about recruitment of new employees and proper registration of relevant documentation

Observance of dates and rules for passing medical examinations by personnel

And other important processes

Preparation and submission of reporting

Monthly reports

Compliance with the standards of the employees’ number in the company and registration, preparation and submission of a report to the Fund of Disabled

Statutory reports

Consultations on Labor Law issues

Recommendations on issues of beneficiaries

Consultations on innovations in the Code of Laws on Labor and the Internal Revenue Code

Answers to any questions about HR records management

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