• Consultation of the accountant


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Consultation of the accountant

ЕIf you have your own business, then you probably know how it is sometimes difficult to independently maintenance accounting and deal with recording. It happens that even a staff accountant cannot cope with the difficulties arising in tax and accounting. This may be due to both a specialist insufficient qualification, and to radical changes in legislative acts. In this case, an accountant consultation from an experienced outsourcing company is a convenient and inexpensive way to resolve the situation.

The importance of such a service should not be underestimated. From the accounting accuracy depends the literacy of reporting, the tax payments optimization and, ultimately, the company's profit itself

Refer to Geo-Service, and you will receive professional accounting advice on doing business and saving costs!

Depending on the situation complexity and the time consumed, the cost of such services can be different. Consultations on frequently asked questions that do not require a lot of time to prepare, are very cheap. There are also cases when we need to study the specifics of the firm's activities and the documentation relevant to the current problem, in which case you can order a specialist on-site visit.

The accountant consultation online or by phone is not carried out. All the issues we are considering in the office or "in the field".

Advantages of ordering an accounting consultation in Geo-Service

Accounting consultations in Geo-Service is an excellent solution if you want to organize your company and optimize its expenses. Accounting mistakes often lead to unpleasant consequences - from the loss of time to extra money spending. To avoid this, please refer to us, and our accountants will do their best to help even in the most difficult situation

You receive individual consultation which the decision of a question is spell out in details. We will explain in detail and in an accessible form all incomprehensible moments. Long-term experience allows our employees to successfully solve problems of any complexity.

Depending on the tasks set, a competent accounting consultation in Geo-Service can help you:

  • Reduce tax payments;
  • To put in order bookkeeping;
  • To analyze various fixtures and transactions taking into account possible risks;
  • Comprehensively evaluate articles, contracts, payment and other documents;
  • Calculate and assess the company's tax filling and so on.

You can order quality accounting and tax consultations by phone or online - all contacts are listed on the site.

Консультация бухгалтера
Geo-Service specialists provide consultations on any issues:

The choice of the optimal tax scheme

Registration of source documents

Accounting and tax records maintenance

Drawing up reports

Atypical operations accounting

Completion declarations, etc.