• Amending to the LLC (Limited Liability Company)


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Amending to the LLC (Limited Liability Company)

In the course of the activities of a legal entity it often happens that it is necessary to make some changes in the constituent documents. The necessity to create an New edition of the charter of LLC, for example, may appear in the following cases:

  • Company name change;
  • Change of the charter fund;
  • Change of the registered office address;
  • Changes in the founding members.

In addition, there are cases when you need to register changes to the LLC without adjusting the charter:

  • Change of LLC director;
  • Change in contact details of LLC
  • Change of CEA (Classifier of economic activity)
Employees of our company "GEO-Service" will help you promptly and legally competently draw up the necessary documents in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine!

Referring to us if there has been a change of the owner of the LLC, the sale of a share in LLC, the registered office address has changed, and in other situations that require the correction of the organization's documents. Such cases sooner or later may arise in the activities of many companies. At the same time, we draw your attention to the fact that since 2016 a law has entered into force in Ukraine, which obliges to certify the protocol and charter by a notary when changes appear in the constituent documents of the company.

Professional assistance of lawyers and affordable cost of changes of Limited Liability Company (LLC) in GEO-Service

Preparation and registration of documentation for re-registration is a responsible process, which is best entrusted to professional lawyers. Insufficient knowledge of the specifics of such processes leads to the fact that the documents are returned and denied registration. As a result, you lose time and money. Therefore, it is much more convenient to immediately assign the solution of the problem to specialists in this field, just these people work in our company GEO-Service.

Depending on which reason you need to change the information, whether it is a change of the founder, the sale of the share of the organization to the new owner, the change of the address of the legal entity, the withdrawal of the former participant from the company and other situations, the list of mandatory documents may vary. Every case requires a thorough examination. For example, depending on the reason for the change in the composition of the founders, different papers may be required:

  • The application of an individual to withdraw from the number of LLC participants;
  • Contract for the entry of a new participant;
  • An application to transfer the share to another founder;
  • Decision on the compulsory exclusion of a participant from the structure of the legal entity's founders, etc.

Estimated cost of services is presented in our price list. We offer reasonable prices for qualified legal services in the Kiev region and other regions of Ukraine. The prices are indicated exclusive of notary fees.

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