• Accounting outsourcing

Accounting outsourcing

Accounting outsourcing is a modern way of minimizing taxes and optimizing expenses remotely. Accounting outsourcing services will help you to introduce uniform standards for the proper accounting of your company's accounting. A staff and a remote accountant can easily solve even the most difficult tasks, being sure of the correctness of their decisions. Thus, the accounting department of your company will be in good hands.

Advantages of accounting from our company

Our clients will receive quality accounting services, since our main advantages are:

  • Professionalism - under outsourcing our employees show high professionalism and qualification in a specific specialization;

  • Effective outsourcing accounting - qualified accounting specialists know exactly what to do for a quality result;

  • Reliability - financial accounting will be made by experienced professionals, and qualified auditors will check all necessary calculations;

  • Protection - we will tell you all the details of using your tax law;

  • Affordable cost - we offer our customers favorable conditions of working and quality services by a pleasant pricing policy;

  • Efficiency - important effective decisions are made instantly, and the company's financial report is executed in exact deadlines.

  • Expert assistance - at any time you can refer to our specialist who will prompt you the correct solution of the problem.

Special offer
When you ordering Establishment registration service in our company - you get a month of service for FREE!

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“Experienced accountants are confident in every own decision”.
Accounting outsourcing from Geo-Service

Your database is our reference point

You pose a challenge to us in writing: Mail,

We select a specialist to solve your problem

Accountant works remotely

Supporting documents can be sent by fax, scanner, mail or courier

Our SPECIALIST checks each acct (accounting statements)

Accounting services outsourcing

The complex of services provided by our accounting department includes:

КалькуляторКадровый учет

Registration and dismissal of employees

An employment contract creation

Registration of holidays and sick-leave certificate documentation

Work with beneficiaries and disabled people

Full complex of registration of HR records management

КалькуляторTax management

Optimization of tax management

Computation and minimization of taxes

Analysis of tax risks in each transaction

Preparation and submission of all tax reports

Consultations on tax law

КалькуляторBasic accounting

Establishment of accounting and control of unitary standards of maintenance and storage of supporting documents

Documentation completion by a specialist

Courier services for delivery of documents

КалькуляторAccount keeping

Formation of all types of accts (accounting statements

Timely report delivery - just-in-time

Report delivery to the relevant state institutions

Услуги бухгалтераAccounting services

Payroll calculations

Maintenance of expenditure and revenues items

The insertion of primary data into the 1C database

Financial statement preparation

Creation of payment transaction confirmation

Conducting of individual operations on demand

Управленческий учетManagement Accounting

Creating a unique reporting form for making the right management decisions

Company expenditure optimization

Risks and prospects identification

Консультации специалистовSpecialists' consultations

Unique solutions for particularly complex tasks

Specialists’ support for a specific issue

Consultations in the accounting pronouncements

Assistance in solving questions of the Internal Revenue Code

Восстановление системы учетаRecovery the accounting system

Analysis of the existing accounting system

Accounting systematization

Errors elimination and adding missing information

The introduction of a unitary standardized accounting system

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Cost of outsourcing accounting and tax management

Accounting services prices are formed by taking into account many factors:

  • Client specialization (trade or services industry);
  • Employees number in the staff;
  • Volume and state of the supporting documents;
  • The complexity of the problem;
  • Close collaboration, etc.

For each customer, prices are formed on an individual basis, taking into account the planned volume and complexity of the work.

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